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Juke Boxes

Icon Storm Juke Box

  • Online digital entertainment jukebox with stylish yet simplistic aesthetics

  • 200,000+ audio tracks online

  • 32″ touch screen including an intuitive ‘touch and slide’ track selection

  • 500 GB hard drive

  • Low risk, high profit investment

  • Wall bracket for secure installation

  • Multi-function remote control (wired / infrared)

  • Internet ready with WiFi optional

Icon Light Juke Box

  • Wall mounted digital jukebox elegantly styled with a black metallic casing

  • A great product at an enticing base price, with loads of optional extras, including more tracks, video, karaoke

  • 200,000+ audio tracks online

  • 19″ infra-red touch screen

  • HDMI and Auxiliary inputs/outputs

  • Multi-function remote control

Icon Fusion Juke Box

  • In its stylish polished aluminium frame, the Fusion presents a dynamic modernistic look

  • The massive 32-inch touch screen display has three core sections: user interface, data belt and a dedicated multimedia and video section

  • 200,000+ audio tracks online

  • Digital HD downloading jukebox

  • HDMI and Auxiliary inputs/outputs

  • Multi-function remote control

  • 32″ Samsung touch screen

  • Infra-red touch screen

  • Internet Ready with WiFi Optional

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