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Category C and B4 digital fruit machines, pool table, jackpot lottery and juke box. Backbar equipment, glass washer, drinks cooler, ice machine, CCTV, large screen TV

We invest in the latest digital Pub and
Club Fruit Machines for venues in the South West

Why do we invest?

Because Digital Gaming machines are proven to generate
higher gaming income than traditional gaming machines


How We Can Help You

New Digital Technology

All of our digital gaming machines are updated on a regular basis, keeping your clients entertained and revenue flowing.

More Data & More Income

We can remotely review income generation and diagnose issues in an instant, allowing us to act quickly if a machines is not performing as expected.

Friendly Staff & Rapid Response

Our team of experienced engineers and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to support you and you will always have access to the company owners, Andy and Simon.

Rent or Buy

Ice machine CCTV bottle cooler

Our Customers are also eligible for discounted
rates on back bar equipment

Duty and Licensing Expertise and Support


We are happy to lend a hand navigating all of the necessary duty and licensing rules, allowing you to focus your business

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We offer a full check on the profitability of your machines and provide statistical evidence on how to increase income.

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